Friday, July 07, 2006

Zoho - Comprehensive Suite of Office Tools

Zoho - Affordable software for individuals, small & medium business

Zoho offers the most comprehensive suite of Office and Productivity tools on the web. The word process and spreadsheet are great -- fully functional, fast and easy to use online tools, that can be exported in a wide range for formats, including to each other. For example, a Zoho spreadsheet can be embedded in a Zoho Writer or Show document and be automatically updated when the spreadsheet is changed.

Show is a good start at a presentation program, but only offers a basic editing tool set, with no export cability. There is a real-time sharing ability, so you can share your presentation with others while speaking on a conference call.

The Virtual Office has potential for a class organizational tool, though it will cost some money if you have more than 9 students. Zoho Planner is very basic, and I did not notice any sharing capabilities.

All in all, this has great potential. I am seriously considering using this for my online class on Spreadsheet and Presentations this coming fall.

From the website:

Zoho Show Zoho Show

Online presentation to create, edit, publish, and show presentations.
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Zoho CRM Zoho CRM

On-demand & On-premise customer relationship
management solution.
Free upto 3 users. For more, price starts at $12. Try Now

Zoho Writer Zoho Writer

Online word processor with collaboration features.
No download, No install, just sign up to create documents.
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Zoho Creator Zoho Creator

Create personal and business web applications on your own and manage data collaboratively over the web.
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Zoho Sheet Zoho Sheet

Online alternative to traditional spreadsheet applications
with powerful features like charting, collaboration & more.
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Zoho Planner Zoho Planner

Online organizer to maintain your todo’s, reminders, notes,
attachments etc.
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Zoho Virtual Office Zoho Virtual Office

Zoho Virtual Office is a web-based collaboration groupware
that includes Email Client, Documents, Calendar and more.
Free upto 10 users,for more price starts at $295. Try Now
Zoho Chat Zoho Chat

Unique and intuitive way to make group decisions faster.
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Zoho Challenge

The easiest way to evaluate candidates online.
Free upto 25 candidates. For more, price starts at $199. Try Now


Website Monitoring Service.
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Tag based Yellow Pages.
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Zoho Polls

Rating. Survey. Polling - Online.
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Krithiga said...

Hi Alan,

Firstly, thanks for your kind words on Zoho Writer and Sheet. Zoho Show was released only a few days back and we are working hard on making it more friendly, feature-rich and fast. (and hence the Beta tag :-) ) But stay tuned, we'll be releasing updates frequently. Thanks once again. Glad you find Zoho useful as a teaching tool. Do send us your feedback.


Ruzbeh said...

have you considered using It is also quite comprehensive and has awesome speed. Much faster than any other online office application that i have seen till date.